The first time you start TransanaSCRIBE, you will be prompted to select a language for Transana’s interface. Choose what language you want your SCRIBE prompts to be in from the list offered. Your transcription does not need to be in the same language as Transana’s interface, so, for instance, your tabs can be in English but you can transcribe in Portuguese, or your tabs can be in Swedish but you can transcribe in Finnish.

To change the language of SCRIBE’s prompts in the future, in the Menu Bar click  Options > Language.

When you start TransanaSCRIBE a dialog box will open, asking you to select a Database. A Database is a folder that you label in SCRIBE to hold one or more media files (Libraries) and the transcripts that accompany your media files.

You can create a new Database by typing in the name you want to call it and clicking ‘OK.’  You will be asked to confirm that you want to create a new Database with this name.

You can use the dropdown menu to open a Database that you have previously created by choosing it from the list and clicking ‘OK.’

After you open or create a Database, SCRIBE’s main screen appears.

On the next page we will explain each of the four windows that make up TransanaSCRIBE’s Main Screen.

The last two things you need to do to set up TransanaSCRIBE are

1) to tell the program where you keep the files on your computer so it can find them

2) if you use more than one computer monitor, to set up which display you want TransanaSCRIBE to open on.

Define Your File Settings

From the Menu Bar, Choose Options > Program Settings. On the General Settings page, you will see three dropdown menus. These tell TransanaSCRIBE where to find and where to save your media files and your transcript files. 

On the first dropdown, click Browse and find the folder on your computer where you keep the media files you will be transcribing.  On the second dropdown, choose what folder on your computer you want the waveforms for each media file to be stored in (these are important for SCRIBE when you are transcribing, but you will not need to open or use them on their own).  In the third dropdown box, choose the folder where you want your Transana databases to be stored.

Choose Your Main Display Monitor

If you are working on multiple monitors, you can choose which one you want SCRIBE to open on as a default. On the main Menu Bar, choose Options > Display Monitor.

If you choose something other than monitor 1 as your default but at any point are only using a single monitor, SCRIBE will appear on the monitor that you are using.