Import a Transcript

For Editing

There are many circumstances where you may find yourself with a partial transcript that you need to edit and format in order to make it complete and correct.  SCRIBE gives you the tools to quickly and easily go through the recorded material and finalize the transcript.  What kinds of partial transcripts might you encounter?

— Someone may have transcribed an interview, conversation, speech, broadcast, etc. into a word processor in real time or from a recording, and you need to give it a quick pass through to make sure nothing was missed.

— You may have used the “verbal echo” technique to listen to recorded material and simultaneously dictate what you heard into speech-to-text software using a phone or computer app. This is a common cost-free method of making a pretty good auto-generated transcript, but it usually still needs formatting and spell-checking.

— You may have an automated transcript created by an inexpensive or free source.  These almost always must be formatted, given speaker identifiers, and corrected for background noise, cross-talk, slang terms, proper names, foreign language words, and speaker accents that the software does not recognize. SCRIBE lets you do that quickly, and at a much lower cost than paying someone to do it for you.

Right click or Ctrl>Click the Library you want to add the partially transcribed media to and click ‘Add File’ in the popup menu. Choose the media file from your computer that you want to associate with this Transcript.  In this case, we’re adding Marilyn Alnutt’s Oral History interview to the ‘Missouri Oral Histories’ Library. Click OK.

The ‘Add Transcript’ popup box will appear.  Click ‘Browse’ and select the transcript you want to import. It must be in DOCX, RTF, XML or TXT format. SCRIBE will automatically assign the file name as the Transcript ID; change it if you wish, then click ‘OK.’

When the ‘Transana Wave File Creation’ box pops up to ask if you would like to create a wave file, click ‘Yes.’

Click the ‘Edit Mode’ button – the hand holding the pen – and you can begin to play your media file and edit the transcript. Use Transana’s Keyboard Shortcuts or your programmable foot pedal to play, pause, jump back or forward through the media file as you edit and format it.