Time Codes

TransanaSCRIBE offers you the option of adding time codes to your transcript.  You can manually add time codes to a transcript at any point as you type or edit. Having time codes in a transcript can help the reader keep track of when words were said or actions taken, giving a helpful chronology of events. Time codes can also allow you to jump to a particular spot in your media file, helping you produce and edit your transcript more efficiently.

When you are in Edit Mode and playing your audio or video file, pause using Ctrl or Cmd D or your footpedal, and click Ctrl or Cmd T or use at the corresponding spot in the transcript.  This associates an exact point in the media file with the timecode at that point in the transcript. (If you try to place time codes in a transcript out of order, a warning will pop up and you can edit your Time codes to be chronologically correct.)

After adding time codes, when you leave Edit Mode and click a word or space in the transcript, your media file playback will jump to the corresponding spot. This is very helpful if you want to start listening at a particular point in your audio or video file. You won’t have to search back and forth through to find the segment you wish to watch or hear.

You can toggle the red time code symbols to make them visible or hide them when you are viewing or printing your Transcript. You can also toggle the blue numeric time code values to make them visible or hide them. Use the ‘Show/Hide Time Codes’ button and the ‘Show/Hide Time Code Values’ button on the Transcription menu bar.

Transcript with Time Code Markings

Transcript with Time Code Values Visible