Adding Files to



The TransanaSCRIBE File System


A Transcript is a document that is a text representation of an audio or video file.

Each of your audio or video files is called an Episode.

A Library in TransanaSCRIBE is essentially a folder where you organize Episodes and their related Transcripts into groups.

A Database in TransanaSCRIBE is where you put a group of Libraries.

You can see the files in the current database you are working in by looking at SCRIBE’s data window. The name of the Database is at the top of the ‘database tree.’ Below that, you can see the name of each Library. Click on a Library to see each Episode (individual audio or video files) contained in it, then click on each Episode to see the Transcript associated with it.  When you double click the Transcript, the media file and the transcript open together and you are ready to transcribe.

The Data Window makes it easy for you to add audio and video files, create or import transcripts, and see everything you are working on all in one place. You can also delete files you no longer need right from there.  You can choose to create as many different databases as you want for different projects, then individual libraries within that database to hold audio and video files and transcripts that belong together in a group.

Open or Create a Database

When you start TransanaSCRIBE, it will ask you the name of the Database you want to open. You can create one or many databases to organize where your files are.  Choose one from the dropdown menu offered, or enter a name to create a new database.  If you type in the name of a new database, you will be asked to confirm that you want to create it.

Add a Library

A Library is where you will import individual audio or video files (Episodes) in the same category.

To create a Library, right click the name of the database, and choose ‘Add Library.’  When the pop up box appears, give the Library a name that reflects what will go into it. You can create as many libraries as you need.

Add an Episode

An individual audio or video file in SCRIBE is called an Episode, equivalent to an episode of a podcast or television show.

Right click the name of the Library you want to add an Episode to, and click ‘Add Episode’ when the dropbox pops up.

Browse your computer to find the audio or video file you want and choose it.

You can add a lot of episodes to one Library quickly using Batch Episode Creation, the next choice down on the dropdown menu. You will be able to choose the file directory and the individual files to upload, and they will all be added to the library at once.

Add a Transcript

Add a new blank Transcript to transcribe an audio or video file by right clicking on the Episode and typing in a name for your new transcript in the “Add A Transcript” dropdown box. Then Click OK and you will see it added under the Episode.

If you have a partial Transcript already started, you can import it if it is a .docx, .rtf, .txt or .xml file. Click the ‘Browse’ button to find it on your hard drive and import it. See the Tutorial page Import a Transcript for step by step instructions.