TransanaSCRIBE is a set of stand-alone transcription tools originally developed as part of Transana research software. Every element has been refined and improved after a lot of user feedback.

Transana is cutting edge software for the analysis of audio and video data.  With initial development funded by the US National Science Foundation, Transana is used by researchers throughout the world in a broad range of fields to transcribe, clip, keyword, code, analyze and create reports on qualitative data. Transana Professional is the pioneer in analysis of multiple simultaneous video streams and multiple simultaneous transcripts, enabling researchers to study human and animal communication and behavior from many perspectives at once. Transana Multiuser lets teams of researchers transcribe, code and analyze large sets of data at the same time from different locations.  To see Transana’s research software in action, visit the Transana web site.

We discovered that there were people who weren’t doing advanced research who were buying Transana Basic just for transcription.  They told us that none of the manual transcription software currently on the market meets the needs of transcribers in today’s hurried work environment the way that Transana’s tools do.  They needed a software application that could:

  • convert and import a variety of types of audio and video files
  • easily speed up or slow down audio, and control playback from the keyboard or using a programmable foot pedal
  • insert complex or repetitive text using auto-complete (without buying and installing additional software)
  • transcribe audio in almost any world language, using native language keyboards
  • add time codes with one keystroke
  • easily import and correct computer generated transcripts

Since these are things Transana does very well, we decided to offer a transcription-only version of our software and call it TransanaSCRIBE. We’re very proud of it!

Transana’s Support Staff

Zephyr is Transana’s Vice-President for Knocking Stuff on the Floor. She brings a lot of experience and dedication to the job as a life-long flinger of anything she can get her paws on. Afternoon meetings can involve many rounds of ‘fetch’ and ‘oh, did you need that thumb drive?’

In addition to having a great sense of style, Assistant Manager Paloma keeps her eyes on the details, and keeps everyone at Transana World Headquarters on our toes.  In summer she prowls the windows and balconies, protecting us from feathered industrial spies.

Ophelia‘s title at Transana is Linda from HR. She’s the one who looks after us, making sure we’re comfortable and happy, distributing gifts of sparkle balls or anything else she finds that might make us smile. She will listen to your troubles and offer up the belly for rubs anytime.

Berlioz is tearing up the place with his new employee energy!  His dedication to customer service warms all of our hearts and laps. Since TransanaSCRIBE is delivered electronically, he wants you to know you don’t have to worry about cat dander.



Transana World Headquarters is in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, USA