Sophisticated tools for fast, accurate transcription of audio or video.

Import Media Files

Transcribe and Add Time Codes

Export Formatted Transcripts

◊  Transcribe audio and video files, using our efficient keyboard controls or a programmable foot pedal.

◊  Import a wide variety of video or audio files. Our simple media conversion tool lets you transcribe files recorded in unusual formats.

◊ Change the sizes of the media playback window and the transcription window. Arrange them where you need them on your screen – or across multiple monitors.

◊  Import batches of media files at one time and assign them to their own libraries.

◊  Use Autocomplete to define strings of text you can insert into your document over and over.

◊  Work from anywhere with no internet connection needed.

◊  Add 1 click time codes at 1/30th of a second accuracy.

Do you have an automated transcript of your media from another source?

Current accuracy rates top out at about 90%, which is not good enough for most purposes.

Import your automated transcript into TransanaSCRIBE to efficiently insert speaker identifiers and proper nouns, correct the text, and format your output.


Upload an audio or video file into SCRIBE, name your transcript and go. Organize files to locate them fast. Uncommon file type to transcribe?   Use our Media Conversion Tool.


Use Keyboard Shortcuts to start and stop your media, go back or jump forward 2 or 10 seconds at a time.  Autocomplete lets you drop in strings of text you define.


Export your finished transcript as a Word.docx file, in Rich Text Format, or in Transana XML for qualitative research in Transana. Print your document right from SCRIBE.

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SCRIBE’S Special Features

Transcribe Challenging Recordings

TransanaSCRIBE’s flexible transcription window and easy keyboard controls let you accurately transcribe overlapping speech, as well as notate gestures and actions seen in videos.

Transcribe in Most World Languages

TransanaSCRIBE’s prompts are in several world languages as well as English.  Type using your native language keyboard. The language of the prompts does not have to match the language you are transcribing in.

Adjust Audio

Speed up or slow down sound with keyboard control or a simple slider to catch every word without wasting time.  Loop sections of very challenging audio when needed.

Responsive Interface

SCRIBE has four windows you can adjust to suit your transcription needs. Reduce, expand or rearrange the transcription window, the media playback window, the data file window and sound wave file window.

Check out the complete SCRIBE tutorial

Our simple step-by-step walkthrough of SCRIBE will get you uploading media files and creating transcripts right away.

Who needs TransanaSCRIBE?

Professional Transcribers

Use our handy keyboard shortcuts or your programmable foot pedal to control playback to quickly type up the contents of audio and video files.  Let ‘Autocomplete’ fill in complex phrases or long words.


Quickly transform your audio recordings of statements and interviews into searchable text documents that you can edit, save and transmit.


Create accurate verbatim notes from your recorded interviews that you can export as  .docx or .rtf files, or copy and paste into any application. Make screenshots from video that can be embedded in articles or social media posts.

Historians & Genealogists

Accurately transcribe and format oral history interviews, using time codes to highlight critical information so you can jump to it in the transcript at any time. Use the search feature to find words or terms.

Market Researchers

Swiftly document video and audio recordings of focus groups and market research interviews to gain insights  clients can act upon in short order.

Academic Researchers

Carefully transcribe and time code recorded interviews and observational research. Import SCRIBE transcripts into qualitative research software for data analysis and generating reports.

Government Agencies

Turn recordings of meetings, hearings, and interviews into easily distributed text documents and public records.

Corporate Transcribers

Document discussions and meetings for internal planning and tracking purposes. Make both outlines and verbatim transcripts using SCRIBE, highlighting segments of conversation with time codes.

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